One Year of Parenthood.

Who would have thought that this little guy....
Would turn into this little guy?

Who also would have thought that I could be so much in love with you?

Parenthood is not easy!  Just sayin'.  It is a lot of being tired, giving up me time-free time, and just plain work.  But, parenthood is also this amazing wonderful miracle filled with moments of awe, love, being proud, laughter and a whole gamut of other emotions.  Parenthood has been the best thing that possibly could have ever happened to me and I feel so blessed to be called Mommy.  This kid has taught me a whole lot in the past year.  He is a character and I love him so much.

Here are the top then things Ellis has taught me:
1.  Sleep is not really necessary.  You can live without it, but you may be a little more cranky than when you actually do get more sleep.
2.  You should love everybody no matter what.  Ellis just has this way of loving people.  He gives everybody a chance and doesn't discriminate.  He also goes for every chance to make new friends, no matter where he is.  I too need to love people better.
3.  Playing is important.  Ellis knows how to make anything a toy and exciting.  Boxes, brooms, basters, toys, anything really.
4.  Outside is a great place.  There are wonders all around in nature.  The wind moving leaves, the sunshine, and animals are all exciting.
5.  Sometimes you just need a mommy moment.  Ellis will check in these days by climbing up to me or pulling on my pants.  He then needs to come up for a quick visit until it is off to play again.  Checking in with mom is important.  I plan on calling my mom and skyping with her much more often.
6.  Food rocks.  You should try everything at least once.  How blessed I am to have so many choices as to what to eat each day.
7.  Always be up for an adventure.  Whenever we ask Ellis if he wants to go, he lifts up his arms to be picked up and taken away.  He doesn't care what the adventure is, but he knows it's good to be going.  I love that he is an easy traveler and that he isn't bothered by much.
8.  Sometimes you just have to be sad, but then you need to get over it quickly.  Ellis feels all emotions and lets you know how he feels.  Today, when he got a few shots, he cried and cried, but after a few minutes, he was fine and over it.  Life isn't always easy and there will be hard times.  In the moment, embrace those hard times but get right back up and forget about the hard and move on.
9.  Poop isn't a big deal.  Clean up fast and get on with life.  There are a lot of analogies that can go with that.  The biggest one is that when you fall, get back on the airplane(Ellis' favorite toy) or get back on your feet.  Keep trying and don't be afraid to fall again.
10.  Life is to be enjoyed.  Ellis is smiling about 98% of the time.  Life is good and is to be enjoyed.  So get to it and enjoy today!

Ellis' Big One Year Letter:

Dear Ellis:
Twelve months, 365 days, countless breaths and blinks you have been living.  Having you here with me makes my life 1000 times more exciting and more full of joy.  You have taught me so much about love and living.  Thanks for that.  Thanks for loving me even though I am still figuring out how to do this mothering stuff.  Even when I screw up or have to see you go through something hard, you still love me and want me around.

You are becoming quite a character.  You are talking more and have a vocabulary of quite a few words including:  Mom, Dada, Papa, Mama, Reno, Ball, Bottle, Bum, Grandma, and Grandpa.  You understand a whole lot of words and can get various toys when I ask you to go get them.

You still love to play catch, even though you are pretty busy and have to go do something else in the middle of a game. You also will throw various balls and then chase them around the place. You love to play the piano and love anybody who will take you to play one.  You love all dogs and get very excited around them.  It is hard for you not to pounce on them when I remind you to be "soft."

You love books and to be read to.  Your favorite books are Say Boo!, I Spy, and an animal sound book.  You know that sheep say "Bah" and that goats say "Mah!" You would listen to the same book all day long, if somebody would read to you that long.

Recently, you have discovered how to get into Reno's cage and how to get to his food.  We are in trouble.  You are into everything.  Cupboards are your favorite but you can only get into the kitchen drawers these days thanks to our childproofing attempts.

You continue to mainly get around by crawling but you can pull yourself up to standing.  You are getting braver and travel across the coffee table and couch and you have even let go a few times and gone one handed a lot.  I'm sure you will be running soon.

You think it's funny to be chased and when you crawl away from me at church or the post office, you turn around and wave goodbye to me.  You love when daddy comes at you saying "tickle, tickle," or when I say: "I'm gonna get you."  Your laugh and squeal are my favorite sounds these days.

You still love music and dance all the time.  You love the music at church and even have started to conduct when we are singing there.  Daddy taught you how to do this.  You had us in stitches laughing at you do so last week and dancing to the opening hymn.  What a hoot!  You also have great rhythm and like to drum on all kinds of surfaces.  I think a drum is in your future.

You love motorcycles.  I pointed them out to you on our trip in Wisconsin and ever since then, you notice them a lot.  Even today, you sat in the grass and grunted at each one that passed by, while we visited with some friends.  You make a funny face while you grunt too.

You love food and haven't found anything that you don't like just yet.  You want anything that daddy or I are eating and especially love ice cream still.  You know how to drink out of a straw and a sippie cup.  When you are finished you sign all done.  You also find it funny to throw your food on the floor for Reno.

You love lights and fans still.  You have recently learned how to turn the light switches on and off.

You still have a few nick-names.  I still call you bugs or bugaboo.  I also have started calling you "The Tornado of Terror," because you are into everything and make messes while playing.  You do know how to put your toys back in the box even though you seem to dump the box right out when you put the toys back in.  I also call you "Small Fry."

I sure do love you, kiddo.  I am trying to remember your face as you are growing much too fast, but it seems to change so quickly that I can't seem to cement it in my mind.  I hate that you won't always be my little baby, but I guess I can move forward and love having you as my little boy.  Always remember that you are so wanted and loved.  You make my life more full and I feel so lucky to have the responsibility to help raise you into a fine young man.

Happy First Birthday and here's to many more that we will spend together.

Love you!


Elizabeth Peterson said...

The years go by so fast! He is adorable!

A GAL NEEDS said...

Awesome post! You are featured over on Sabbatical Sunday! http://www.agalneeds.com/2014/09/sabbatical-sunday-weekly-link-up.html