Throwback Thursday

I find it only appropriate on my first day back at work to reflect on the awesomeness that was my summer. It was hard to go back to work today, but it helped ease the pain a bit to remember how awesome my summer truly was, so take a trip down memory lane with me:
There was some swinging. 
Some introducing Ellis to trains. 
And to mascots. 
Some hiking. 
Some playing with "cousins"
Some fish to be caught 
Heads to be bumped
Uncles to meet
Baseball to watch
Rainbows to enjoy
Great-Grandmas to charm
First swims to take
Great-uncles to play with
Grandpas to win over
Farms to be explored
Hands to hold
Books to read 
Sailing across bays 
Motorcycles to grunt and drool over
Traditions to see
Dreams to ignite
Silliness with cousins
Dinos to discover
And cake to be smashed!!!

Summer always flies by but it also is always very full. I am truly blessed to do the work I do and to be able to have the time to play and make amazing memories. Sure I mourn summer's passing but I will cherish every little memory that was made!!!

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

So glad you had such a happy and magical summer! I love his cake smashing picture!