Ellis is 15 Months

Dear Ellis-
I find myself saying things like: "He is so fun," "He is at a great age," and "I just fall more in love with him every day" about you.

You are just a happy soul.  You spread joy to all those around you.  Usually, this is through your many tricks, like rolling it, spinning and spinning, ta-daing, pulling a million funny faces, or flirting.  You are rarely upset and when you are upset it isn't for long.  You just make every day fun and I am often racing home from work because I miss you so much.

I study your face every night when I am rocking you to sleep.  You are just changing too fast and I am still having a hard time accepting the fact that you are a little boy and not my baby anymore.

You are wearing 24 month tops and 18 month pants.  I guess your legs are chasing your upper body.  You still don't love hats and I still am offended by it and am trying to change your mind about it.  

You still are soothed by Miranda Lambert's song "Desperation," but it doesn't work all the time like it used to.  Now to sooth you in the car, I reach back and put my hand on the side of your face.  

You sometimes fight us about your car seat and stand up in it facing the front seat while we are trying to get you buckled in.  You are a rascal.  You throw food on the floor on purpose while eating and laugh when we tell you no.  You also pointed at Daddy and said "Nah, Nah, Nah" one time when he told you no.  (He was pointing and saying "No, No, No!")  You also find it funny to say "Mama" when we tell you to say "Papa".  And chasing Reno is still one of your favorite things.  

Now you can walk, so Reno gets even more nervous when you are coming at him.  You actually have started to keep shoes and socks on which is a good thing with colder weather coming.

You loved Halloween and said pumpkin a lot which actually sounds like "ball ball".  You even screamed that the first five minutes of the Pumpkin Walk up in Logan.  We took you to the Zoo in Logan too and your favorite animal was the fox.  

You are a smart little dude and get into everything including all the things we lock up because you have mastered baby locks.  Your giggle is so cute and you giggle most when Daddy tickles and chases you.

You are addicted to sports and ask me everyday when i get home to turn on football, which is your favorite these days, even though you will watch any sport and yell "ball" at the TV when they are on. I am so excited that you share my love of sports already

Ellis, you have made our lives so much more rich and we are so lucky to have the job of raising and teaching you things.  It melts my heart that you are recognizing when it is time to pray over our food and that you fold your hands, try to close your eyes and say "amen" at the close of our prayers.  It is so fun to see you grow and I look forward to see who you will become.  Love you lots.  Mommy

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