Birthday Week

Hi.  I have a habit of not writing on here.  Oh well...it is the season of rocking and laughing at a cute little nugget of a baby.  (I don't laugh at him while rocking him, that is counter-productive.)

This week I will turn 37...or as I like to say 20-17.  Sounds a bit less like I am getting OLD.  I know, 37 is the new 17 but I am feeling old lately.  I am getting grey hair and am tired all. the. time.  (The tired probably has to do with parenthood and not necessarily maturing.)

I like to celebrate the whole week.  So yesterday, we hung out with my adopted family, The Bills.  It was a blast as always and there was much laughing.  That is free therapy people, btw.

Maybe each day I should do something I love to celebrate being alive and having one more trip around the sun.  Any suggestions about things to do?

Later this week, I will write an inspired post about aging and how awesome it is.  For now, I am going to go pretend that I do not need a nap and watch my kids take a test in Health class.