How did I become 37 so quickly. I still feel like the young kid I was in college, high school and grade school. 

Here are 37 things I've learned:
1. Dreams do come true. 
2. Prayer is real and produces miracles. 
3. There is a God who knows us each individually and is watching out for us. 
4. Friends are very important. 
5. Happiness is often based on choices and a big choice is often to choose to be happy. 
6. Family is most important. 
7. The right thing isn't always the popular thing. 
8. There are no bad people, Well, at least most people do dumb things but I'm not to judge. 
9. Service not only helps those being served. 
10. Age is relative. 
11. Time does heal most pain. 
12. Life is too short to spend too much time agonizing over work. 
13. Fishing is relaxing. 
14. You can make a huge difference in your own sphere, which ripples into the whole world. 
15. Words are powerful. 
16. You always need mommy, even at 37.
17. Men and women are different, and that isn't bad, it is just how we can compliment each other. 
18. Teenagers are weird but really need us. 
19. Money is definitely not everything. 
20. Work is work. Sometimes it is hard but most the time it is rewarding. 
21. Food is essential and delishious, but can be like any other vice in the world. 
22. Home is whereever those you love are. 
23. Skype and FaceTime help home be anywhere and both ease homesickness. 
24. It is a blessing to have friends that you can connect with after years of separation and not miss a beat. 
25. Being a parent is amazing. 
26. Sleeping is helpful and needed, and should be appreciated. 
27. It can always be worse. 
28. I don't have anything to complain about. 
29. You cannot change or control people. 
30. Marriage is work. 
31. Slamming doors doesn't get you anywhere. 
32. Having your own house(buying) is pretty dang cool. 
33. The sunset is worth making time to see everyday. God is the best artist. 
34. The seasons will always change even when winter feels incredibly long. 
35. Living in the moment is how you should live. 
36. Babies don't keep. 
37. Love is always the right answer. 

There are lots more things I have learned in my 37 trips around the sun, but those are the ones that come to mind today. 

Here is to this trip around the sun being filled with adventure, happiness and lots of love.