Ellis' Eight Month Letter

Dear Ellis-
I cannot believe that you have been in my life now for eight months. It has gone so fast in many ways and in other ways still seems surreal that I have you. There were definitely many times in my life where I didn't even think I would marry and now look at me getting to be your mommy. 

You are a sweet little guy and everybody loves you. Your Papa always talks about how he will open his phone in the morning just to see a picture of you because you bring him so much joy. Mama also says you just make her so happy. You really have such a happy spirit and never are truly sad. You will only cry when you really need something and it doesn't take too long to figure out what you need. Sometimes you throw temper tantrums and arch your back or stomp your feet. It is probably a bad thing that I find said tantrums cute and sometimes let you grump a bit before helping save you!!!

You are getting to be very mobile. We call you the steam roller because you roll and roll and roll. You love to play with toys and especially like to use your feet to play.  You also throw or kick a toy away when you are bored with it. I think you will be a sports guy because you are so good at using your body. You also always want to be standing(either the person you are being held by or standing yourself in their lap). You also like to "do a little jig when prompted and will clap. You still love baths and will splash, splash, splash.

Reno is still one of your favorites and you like to roll to find him. We think Reno will be in trouble when you get the crawling figured out. 

You are quite a talker and still squeal through church. You will be saying words soon and we sometimes hear dada or mom. You click your tongue or fake cough to get people's attention. 

You are a very good traveler and made it to Phoenix  with very little problems. You loved playing with your cousin, Cade and also like your first baseball game. I was worried you wouldn't like the fireworks after because you freaked out inside of me last forth of July but you stared at th in wonder and loved them. 

You are very adaptable and are doing very well with wearing a helmet as we try to shape the top of your head from triangle to circle. 

You make fun noises and my favorite is when you breath very rapidly and tense your legs and hands. 

I had my first real crazy worry because you fell off the changing table the other day. I think I beat you to the ground and cried harder. Luckily, you are built too heavy and did a summersault and landed on your back not your head. We definitely must be much more concentrated when we have you up high. I was so worried you were hurt or permanently damaged that my lip quivered as I cried. I don't want you to ever have to have bad pains!!!

Life is so good with you and I really can't imagine life without you. You make me proud and happy and I am so glad to have the blessing of helping you grow into a successful young man. Thanks for already teaching me so much about patience and love and for showing me how to love life. 

Love you tons.