Reflection on a school year.

As the end of the school year approaches, I am feeling a little like a mother hen who is saying goodbye to her little chicks.  She has gathered them in for a a season and tried to teach them the things they need to survive outside of the coop.

I look through my class lists of names and I find myself asking if I have made a difference for each one of those individuals.  Have I taught them the things from my curriculum that will help them make healthy choices?  Have I showed them that teachers care and that they are each cared for no matter how they act or who they are?  Have I showed them an example of somebody who is not judgemental and gives them the benefit of the doubt on all occasions?  Have I kept my cool?  Have I been fair?  Have I done what I could have?

I truly do love my job.  I like to see young adults figure things out.  I like to see them understand that school isn't just about grades and that how we treat each other is the most important thing we do.

Too many times, we all find it easy to judge other people and complain about "their" behavior.  We tend to forget that we are not all perfect and that we are all on a different segment on this journey that is life.  We are often too hard on each other.  Sometimes we are even too hard on ourselves.

Just a little tidbit of thoughts as I end this day.  There are only a few weeks left in this school year's journey and I hope the last few weeks I can remember this stuff rather than just wishing it away so I can have my break for summer.  I was glad that I was reminded today that my job is significant and that I have a duty to try and make a difference.  What a great responsibility and a tremendous blessing.