11 Months

Dear Ellis-
You are growing up too fast. Quit it. I mean slow down. I mean I can't stop you but I sure would like to try. 

We travelled to Wisconsin to spend time with your Grandma and Grandpa Koehne. You also get the bonus of lots of other aunts and uncles to visit with as well as lots of friends too. 

No matter where you go, people are drawn to you. You always smile at people and they instantly love you, even people who aren't related to you. Even people who don't like kids much, like you. You are one special soul, and a very happy one at that. I caught myself saying today that I hope you don't lose that happiness and that you will keep being happy and satisfied with life. Too many people become calloused as they age. I think we all could use some acting like a kid in our lives. You remind me to take the time to brighten other people's days, find awe in simple nature and to notice things. Sometimes I get blinded by being tired or the ordinary things, but nothing seems to be ordinary to you yet. 

You have a few new skills this month. You are crawling on your knees much of the time instead of army crawling. You have also learned how to pull yourself up to standing. You sometimes get frustrated because it seems like a lot of work or you can't  figure out how to get your feet right, but you get better at it everyday. 

You have become a mommy's boy lately and burry yourself into me whenever somebody else wants to hold you. Mostly, you are just playing a game because you really will still go to pretty much everybody. I am completely okay with this new cuddle bug that you are because you haven't been too much of a cuddler before. 

You have started to really like books. You love animal books and can bah like a sheep. You also are fascinated by a book about a ghost learning to say boo. I think today alone I read it to you at least five times. It is very cute how you will pick up a book and hold it out to encourage whoever you can to read to you. 

You still hate socks and shoes which may be a challenge when you start walking. It must be that Cajun blood in you. 

You are fitting into 18 month clothes but are getting close to moving into the 24 month stuff. You are a big guy and have awesome reddish hair that is growing and growing like all of you. It even is starting to curl at the ends. It is especially curly in the humidity of Wisconsin. 

You are a very good player and keep yourself very entertained with toys or anything really. You especially love boxes and paper. Maybe we should be buying that for you and minimize the accumulation of so many toys because paper things are much cheaper. 

You love the green blanket that Great-Grandma Huven made for you. You especially like to chew on it, but you will bury yourself in it and lay on it too. 

You follow people around and especially like to go for open doors, cupboards and especially dishwashers lately. You are starting to get into everything, you little rascal. 

You are a food lover and want everything that other people are eating. If somebody is eating, you think you should be too. Favorites lately are: cheese, crackers, bread, french fries, pickles and lemons. You are definitely not a pickly eater. 

Life with you is awesome. I love that you are easy going and go on adventures with me. We have hiked a few times this summer and you are still a huge fan of the outdoors. You are easy going and very flexible. These are traits I hope you keep too. 

I love you so much. Each day it seems like I love you more. It is so fun to keep having the blessing to get to know you better. Being your parent makes me a better person. Thanks for already teaching me so much. My life is better with you in it and you are on the top of my greatest blessings list. 

Be sure that you remember that I love you no matter what. And stay little as long as you can!!

Love you,