Ellis 17 Months Letter

Dear Ellis-
It is fitting to write you because I have deemed 2015 the year of letter writing.  I have already written 17 letters to various friends and family so far this year and will write 365 letters this year.  It is fun to write down what is going on each and every day in my life.

Your life is as full of adventure as any little 17 month old's life can be.  You are still loving trains.  You had a blast and Grandma and Grandpa's this past Christmas, because they live only a block or so away from a train track.  You would go "choo choo!"  whenever one came down the track.  You wanted us to take you to look at it, but it was kinda cold most days while there.  We took you to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, while there and you had a blast.  You again said "choo choo," from the parking lot all the way through the museum.  A little secret:  Mom had fun too.  I love to see you excited about things and so curious.  It is a fun adventure to get to raise you as you grow, which is so fast.  I wish you would slow down that growing, but it just isn't meant to be.  You are doing just what you are supposed to and I am reminded to just take a step back and let you grow, even if that is one of the hardest things I will probably do all of your life.

You are still a big people person.  You are always trying to get people's attention by laughing and making faces.  You had a whole table full of people laughing at you at an ice cream shoppe last weekend.  I often think one of your biggest callings in life is to spread light and joy to those around you.  You are very good at it.  You have started going to nursery at church(a program for 18 months-3 year olds in our church).  Many kids have a hard time being away from their parents for those two hours, but you just walk in and it is like mom and dad have disappeared and you don't really want to find them.  Last week, we just opened the door and you went right in and we were on our way to our other classes.  You have a blast in there and must be pretty easy to handle, if they are letting us drop you off all alone a month before you turn 18 months!

Even though you are pretty much a people person, lately it takes you a bit to warm up with new people.  I actually like that you sometimes cling to me tight and bury your head in my shoulder.  These are the little moments I keep telling myself to hold on to and cherish.  It usually doesn't take long before you are waving or making faces at said new people though.

You still love dogs.  While visiting Aunt Andi and Aunt Sara in Wisconsin you loved their dogs.  You would kiss them and try to snuggle with them when they would let you.  Divot was a little nervous by you but he was a good sport and let you put your head on him and chase him around.   Poupy(sp?) also was pretty patient with you as long as you didn't pull her hair.  I think you got spoiled because our Reno still really just tolerates you.

You also love babies and say baby every time you see one.  There is a picture of one on the box of wipes we have in the bathroom cupboard and you always open that door to see it and kiss it.  I think that is pretty dang cute.

You are still reading lots of books and learning all the time.  You recently found a YouTube video about the alphabet and you scream out D whenever they are talking about ducks and dogs.  You are smart but we are trying to keep the videos to a minimum because sometimes they make you a little grouchy, just sayin'.  You often give us a hard time about the carseat and we have to bribe you with videos.  Sometimes I think this is bad parenting but I also do feel it is good to sit in the cold trying to convince you to sit for two hours.  We have places to be and adventures to have, little man!  You are very opinionated already on some stuff and I think you might have Mommy's temper.  I think we are both gonna learn a lot about keeping our jets cooled.

You make Cookie Monster noises sometimes when eating as well as big grunts.  You certainly love food.  You also sing the Elmo song if prompted.  It's so cute!  You also love to look at yourself in the reflection of the stove and often go in front of it and make faces or dance.  You love to dance and sometimes ask for more when I watch "Ellen" and see her dancing.  You also loved her dancing reindeer during her Christmas giveaways.

You have started to mimic Daddy by blowing your nose and making noises.  It is way funny and way cute.  You can say "apple" and most things we ask you to say.  Grandpa Koehne even taught you to say "cock a doodle doo" at Christmas.  You also say "noodle" very cute.  You still sign "more" and "all done" and we are working on "Please" right now.  You are pretty fast at getting it and signed it this morning when you asked me to pick you up.  You throw everything, which I didn't see coming when I taught you to throw balls(you throw things lots when mad!  Gotta figure out how to get you to not do this soon).  You still love to play ball too and always say "ball, ball, ball" as you walk down the hallway at school I teach at.  You know right where the gym is and always want to go there when you visit me for lunch on Thursdays.  You are also still soothed by your playlist on my phone.  I am still very thankful for Miranda Lambert's song "Desperation," because lots of times I am desperate to help you.

I still love you more and more each day and hate going to work many mornings.  You are what I do most things for and make my life so full.  I am always trying to hurry home to get back to you too!  I didn't know how much I could love you and I am still amazed by how that love keeps growing.  I already sometimes think of the days when you will get tired of me and want more space and I already start to cry.  For now, I will just hold you longer when I rock you to sleep and hug and kiss you a million times a day.  For right now, I am one of your favorites and I am so honored by that.

Thanks for making my life full.
I love you my little Monkey Butt, Bubba, Bugs(among other nick names).