R is for Rockstar and that is Definitely Good Enough for Me

I rock. I am a rock star. No, I do not play the guitar, drums or even sing. In fact, I can rarely keep in the same key when I do sing, but I do one thing extremely well: Rock my one-year old to sleep. 

This is a daily occurrence sometime between 8 and 10pm. I am not one of those parents that has a spot on consistent routine. Sometimes, we are just too busy living so bedtime is later. Sometimes, we are exhausted because of all the living so bedtime is earlier. 

It may not be a constant time everyday but there is a definite routine to prepare for rocking. 

I parent a little boy. Boys are filthy. They see mud and think: "I need to be one with that."  There must be some sort of force field that pulls them toward the dirt and grime. Because of this strong force field, our routine starts with a bath. 

Once the filth is removed, it is time for some light reading. This allows time for the boy to dry and to begin winding down (Boys seem to never stop moving. They are like little wind up toys. They go and go and go until they can't go anymore.)  

Next, we get dressed for bed. Because of my kid's wind up toy ways, I let him watch videos of trains on my phone while I dress him. I first get him diapered(hopefully before any urine has escaped onto me or the furniture.), and clothed(It's always footie pajamas because every kid looks cute in footies, and then his feet don't freeze.)

He then watches videos while I get his bottle prepared(Yes, he is close to two and still takes a bottle to sleep. I baby him and that is completely fine with me.)

Eventually, he comes and finds me to request his bottle. This is where I become a rock star. 

This gig doesn't pay much but I think it is worth much more than mosh pit making sounds. I don't get notoriety for this gig either, but I am important to one little person and that is all the fame I need. 

He slowly drifts into complete relaxation and then to sleep.  Sometimes it takes twenty minutes sometimes only two.  I sit and ignore him until he closes those little eyes, but as soon as he does, I stare and stare.  

Soon, he will be too big for this.  Soon, I won't get these moments.  So for now, I will stare with complete love and adoration.  For now, this is the best gig in the world.   


Past Twenty Months.

Dear Ellis-
I told somebody at work today that I didn't post much on Facebook over spring break because we were too busy living. I think that is also why I didn't write you a letter last month; we have been too busy living.  

There are parks to climb slides in, bike rides to be had, hikes to take, stroller time to spend and millions of other things to do. 

You are busy. Seriously, you do not stop unless you are asleep. And when you move these days, it isn't just walking, it is by sprinting. It's so cute how you get on the tips of your toes and just sprint. 

You love to play with what I call your "stacks". They are these plastic half sphere things that stack on one another(Gramma Joyce gave them to you!). Sometimes you make towers; other times you get upset because you knock down a tower. You loved the noise it made to throw all of them on grandma's kitchen floor.  Grandma and Grandpa got a real kick out of that, especially Grandpa, even though he would pretend it bothered him!

You had a lot of fun on our vacation to Wisconsin. You made sure Grandma and Grandpa were watching you at all times. You would call or yell their names when they were not in the room. You danced for them and entertained them the whole time. You also remembered how much you loved Aunt Andi and called her all the time. "An-nee!"

You got your newest and best haircut while visiting your aunts in Algoma and you loved chasing their dogs. (The dogs never really appreciate you like you do them.)  You also remembered how much you love your cousin Chloe and played with her for a long time in the mess you both made of their newspapers.

You are still obsessed with trains. You say "choo-choo" a million times daily. You always want to be watching videos of trains. 

You also have discovered airplanes and move your hand around, pointing your tiny index finger, while making a whooshing sound. You loved them at the airports even though you told me you were all done right before take-off. You finally slept for me once you told me how you hated being contained on my lap.  Mommy may be looking forward to the day you actually get your own seat even though it will mean much more expensive trips to visit Grandma. 

You love slides. It might have something to do with Daddy bringing you one home and having it in you bedroom(yes, you are spoiled, but we think it keeps you from climbing other things). You get mad at me anytime we walk past a park and don't stop to play. You think anytime should be park time.  You have the silliest and funniest little tantrums when I tell you no.  You have to watch your self for tantrums and go to a mirror and slam your hands onto it and scream.  You also will plop yourself on the floor and also do a bit of screaming to let me know you are not happy with no(too bad kiddo, because you may hear that word lots between now and 18!)

You say lots of new things. The newest is Owls. You also say: squirrel, bird, snack, bottle, mommy, daddy, grandpa, grandma, Reno, mama, papa, puppy, apple, milk, juice, Jesus, wallet, car, and many others. You still always sign more, all done, and most recently, please.  You also do this funny hand wave when you want something from us.

You are addicted to videos and are bothering me to let you use my phone right now to watch one. Can't you see I am writing a letter to you?  

Well, just like always, this letter could be longer but you need me and there is life to be lived. 

Until next time,
Love you lots,