Happy June to You! Welcome to Alice's Month of Blogging.

Hey.  Welcome.  Sit on down and enjoy this little escape from your reality.  It is June.  Where did that half of year go?  For me, it went very quickly and was full of so much adventure.  Sorry that I kept many of you out of the loop.  See, when you become a mother, your whole life changes.  One of the biggest changes is not having much spare time, especially if you are also working full time.  So here I am, a teacher on summer break and a writer wanting to do more of that, write.

I have decided that each day of the week will be themed.  I'll keep you guessing as to what day is which for the rest of the week, but today is Me Monday.  So, here is a list all about me, and seeing June is thirty days long, these are thirty things you may or may not know about me:

1.  I married for love and to always have my best fishing buddy around.  It was a big bonus to know that Reuben was also in to fishing when we were back in that fun dating stage.  I think it sealed the deal!

2.  I'm the youngest of three kids.  Andi, is my eight year old sister and Erich is my five year older brother.  The are really cool peeps too.  If you ever get the chance, you should meet them.

3.  I'm socially awkward.  You would think that being a teacher would make me not be, but I am, especially with people who are my peers.  I feel like Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber: "Ah, big gulps eh?  Well, see you later."

4.  I'm a slob.  I leave my clothes on the floor right after I change and I always have papers and stuff unorganized.  Maybe it is a reflection of what my brain looks like on the inside.  It is a good thing I married an organized man because he helps me want to and be more organized.

5.  I have a Diet Coke addiction.  Actually, I like Coke Zero a whole lot better but have a husband who loves DC, so I cave and let him win(and by cave I mean that I let him do the grocery shopping!).  I know it is horrible for me, but it is really one of my last vices.

6.  I'm obsessed with sports.  I follow most of them but really love baseball and football.  Teams for baseball are in order importance to me: Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets.  Football I am a true Cheesehead.  Packers or bust. I would go into teams I hate, but that would make some of my friends upset and who wants upset friends.

7.  I'm a great driver.  I have to give props to my dad who taught me how to be great.  I remember when we went out practicing when I was sixteen and he made me parallel park every single time.  He also got me over my fear of bridges by somehow getting me to drive across Snake Bridge, the longest and scariest in my hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin, every time we went.  How he tricked me to get there, I will never know!

8.  I am Mormon, or as we like to be called a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I used to be Catholic but the change to Mormonism is the best thing that ever has happened to me.  I have found faith that surrounds me and comforts me.  I know God and His plan and vision for me.  I also know Jesus and how his sacrifice makes it so I can live eternally and free. If you would like to know more about my religion feel free to visit mormon.org or ask me anything, I am an open book.

9.  I'm a crazy teacher.  I may not be the best at teaching or the most passionate at times, but I am funny and silly and I think that is what gets to my students.  I keep them laughing which is healthy, no?

10.  I had a miscarriage in November that rocked or shook my universe.  My heart is finally beginning to heal, and people don't really talk about it which makes the journey hard.  For all of you who have every faced this tragedy in your life, I feel you and if you every need to talk, contact me:  softballrita@gmail.com

11.  I am not a high maintenance girl.  I live in t-shirts, jeans and baseball caps.  I do put on make-up but just enough to make me womanly(mascara and eye shadow).  I love summer too because I can be in flip flops or slip-on shoes.

12.  I have lots of hats.  I collect a hat from every baseball venue I go to.  I hope to get to all thirty of the pro baseball stadiums in my lifetime.  I am currently wearing a Chicago Cubs hat, and I really don't like the Cubs, but I had a blast at their historic ballpark, so I wear it sometimes.

13.  I  love great smelling perfume and not the cheap stuff either.  It is one of the few girly girl things about me.

14.  I used to be a night owl and then my thirties hit.  Oh yeah, and then I got a baby and there went any staying up late.  When he is sleeping, I like to be sleeping too.

15.  I majored in English.  I try to keep that a secret because I really don't enjoy teaching English.  I did that my first year and it was hell.  I love Physical Education(which was my minor) and Health.

16.  I am writing 365 letters this year.  You know letters, the ones that you hand write, put in envelopes and send via the postal service.  They are going out of style and I hate that.  It is so fun to get real mail sometimes. If you would like a real piece of mail from yours truly, email me your address(see #10).

17.  I am pretty blind.  Without my glasses I would run into walls.  I prefer to wear contacts though because of how active I am, and glasses also get in the way of wearing my caps the way I like.

18.  I am athletic and very coordinated.  I try to be humble about how coordinated I am though, especially when I may be better than guys at sports. It's a guy thing but they often are  intimidated by girls being better than them.

19.  I gained twenty pounds this school year.  It was one hell of a stressful year.  I think more personally than actually workwise, but work had its moments too.  Oh, and ice cream just tastes so good to me right now.  I wish carrots tasted like ice cream.

20.  I love my job!(Again!)  I was actually a bit sad to see the school year end this time around.

21.  If I were rich, I would build a commune for my most at-risk students.  There I would shower them with love, clothes and food.

22.  I love riding my bike.  I bought a really expensive one this year(500 dollars) with some of our tax return.  The wind in my face and the way it wakes me up in the morning to ride to work is worth every single penny.

23.  I start a writing class a week from today and I cannot wait!  #nerdalert

24.  I desperately want to meet Kelly Clarkson.  She is just amazing and down to earth.  She isn't like a whole lot of Hollywood who are stuck on themselves and the industry.  She is who she is and dang proud of it.  We need more role models like her(even if she likes Hillary Clinton-sorry if you do too she is just not my fav!) If you know Kelly or somebody who does know her, please hook me up with a meeting.  I am going to her concert August 8th in Salt Lake City.

25.  I love playing softball and find it so cool that many of the girls I played with in high school still play every summer.  We are getting old and have to stretch a whole lot more before and after play, but it is always a reunion blast to play with them. Can't wait for the few weeks I am home in July, hopefully I can play in a few games!

26.  This year will be my 20th class reunion.  Seriously, where did that 20 years go?

27.  I love motherhood even though it is the hardest job I have ever had.  It is also the best and most important job I have.

28.  I must write with very sharp pencils.  I am not the new age type of writer who sits in front of a computer and produces amazing stuff.  This right here folks is a second draft, and I wrote the first one in, that's right, a very sharpened pencil!

29.  I am 5'9" tall and wear a 10.5 women's shoe.  I would tell you my weight but then I would have to kill you.  Oh and my hat size is 7 3/8...not 7 1/4 like my Angels hat(it really hurts to wear but I love it).  It is also not 7 1/2....I miss that Dodger hat that blew away!

30.  I miss Wisconsin but love Utah.  I used to not like Utah a whole lot but I am glad I stuck it out.  Not only did I marry a wonderful man from Utah, but seriously, this place is beautiful.  Come visit sometime.  We have an extra room and I know some amazing hiking spots!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of thirty posts this month.  I really want to have an interactive blog this month.  So please, if you have any questions for me to answer or anything you would like to read about, let me know.  I am here for you...and for myself, really.  Honesty is always the best policy, right?  Cheers until tomorrow.


Morgan Hagey said...

I didn't know your hat size. Learn something new every day!

Jennifer Evans said...

Alice you are amazing. I enjoyed getting to know you better.

Lani Quisenberry said...

This was really fun to read! And hugs re: #10. It's one of those uncertain things to bring up but you know if you need to talk, or get a real hug because of a hard day, I'm here for you!

Linda K. said...

Fun. Glad to get to know you better! Linda Keegan

Moo said...

Thanks for sharing. I wrote you a letter a month ago. Now, I just need to remember to mail it. I'm sorry about #10 on your list. My heart aches for you. Also, I miss seeing you. We need to get together sometime

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I really need to write you again. Maybe now that I have more time since I have my summer dance break. I am so sorry about your miscarraige that makes me really, really sad for you. I am available to talk if ever you need. Also, Nobody Loves You!!

A GAL NEEDS said...

These are some great things to know about you! I can use them to my benefit for next year! heh heh! JK!