Home is Where You Hang your hat: Top Places that are home.

There is a lot of difference between a house and a home.  Houses are full of rooms, held up by nails, wood and mortar.  Homes are filled with love, concern and care.  Houses without occupants eventually start to wither and fall apart.  Homes are filled with people and have purpose, which make them eternal.  Home is also a state of mind, a place you can go to be reminded of who you are and be shielded from the cares and worries of the outside world.  Home is where you can hang your hat and I'm very glad that I have so many hats.  Here are a few places where I like to hang my hat.  These are places I am at home:

1.  My Own House
This is where I am raising my son.  It is where he is creating fond memories.  It is where he will feel loved and supported.  It is the home of his childhood.  This is also home because it is where my husband and I are a team and where we share all our hopes and dreams for the future, together.  Here we build family.  Here is where we build home.

2.  Anywhere my parents are:
I always thought that the house I grew up in was the only place I would feel at home, but as the years have past, I have realized that it isn't the house, it is the people who live there that make a place home.   Sure, the crabapple tree where my friends and I would climb and "pilot an army helicopter," the basketball court where I spent hours, even in the freezing cold, perfecting my free throws, and the kitchen table where we were required to spend twenty minutes each night "eating" will always have a special place in my heart, but those parts of the house aren't what was important.  The love I felt within and without those walls were what mattered.  I am in my parents house as I type this and this is home because it is where they are.

3.  Linda's House
My aunt is a special lady.  She is one of the kindest and caring people that I know.  She has stood up to people who disagree with my religion and she has made her house a safe place for me.  She invites and cares for you when you are there, you never go hungry or thirsty and are always treated to great company and good conversation.  Kindness and love fill the rooms and halls and it is like a vacation at a resort because of the calm you feel there. 

4.  Friend Marla's House
The people don't have to be family to make a house a home.  In Marla's house, I have spent time getting to know her.  It is a place where we shared, laughed, cried and vented.  It was a safe place to share and be supported.  Our friends are the family we choose and I am so glad I have chosen Marla to be an honorary sister.

5.  The Family Cabin
Nestled in the trees of the mountains above Fairview, Utah, the family cabin is a place of true refuge.  There you can listen to birds sing, see critters scatter, breath fresh air, and always be surrounded by family.  Lasting memories are made each time we gather there for Thanksgiving and stuff our faces on delicious food.  There is lots of love in the production of that food as well as in the words and laughter.  Here we share and feel love.

What are your places that are home?  Comments people, they make the world go round! :)

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