Three Whole Years...

Three years ago today, I married my best fishing buddy.  It is crazy how fast three years goes.  We talked about that last night and how it just flew by like that.  I really did luck out in the husband category.  Reuben is kind, generous, cooks, cleans, is an amazing dad, makes my life easier(just like he promised) and loves me no matter how grumpy, emotional or hard to get along with I can be!
Aren't we just so cute.  We stopped at Rushmore on our way to Wisconsin in July 2012.

I decided to write an acrostic poem to celebrate us:

Team Ficklin

Three years go by so quickly together,
Eternally connected to
An amazing, amusing, affectionate
Funny fishing buddies united
Interesting, entertaining, hardly serious
Conversations while
Kindly ignoring some politics
Living, loving, laughing, learning, polishing
Now and forever, teammates!

Being married to Reuben is truly an adventure and I am loving the journey.  He is my rock, my biggest supporter, my silly man, made me a mother and made this cute family with me! I am so glad I got him.  He was definitely worth the wait.

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Morgan Hagey said...

I love team Ficklin. Happy anniversary!