Throwback, Throw Away!

So, looking back to college when I took my Poetry Writing class, I have some pretty bad memories.  My professor was brilliant.  He was a great poet, but he didn't teach me a whole lot except that I wasn't very good at writing poetry(he was probably trying to make me a better writer, but all the criticism just make me feel inferior).  But today, I wrote a poem in my class and I find it good and creative and I actually think I am good at writing poetry again.  So, take that!  I am throwing back to those memories, but throwing away the baggage that has haunted me since! What a great release.

You can find the picture below HERE
We don’t worry about
            Saturn’s 63 or Jupiter’s 47
We know our moon.
            THE MOON

We speak of the moon hitting your eye,
            We Sing about Blue Moons,
We nursery rhyme about cows jumping over it
            We consider the man in the moon. 
We know our moon.
            THE MOON

Our moon doesn’t need a fancy name like
            Titan or Triton because
We know our moon.
            THE MOON      

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