Thursday's Tip

As a new mom, I have often looked to others who have done this gig already for advice and help as I make my way to expert mommy. It is very good to have a support group for all the millions of questions you may have as a new mom!

Diaper rash is one of the hardest things I have faced as a mom(the tiredness and cluelessness are just givens). It is inevitable during teething that a kid will get it and it makes mommy feel horrible. This first time Ellis had one, I was desperate and asked several people what to do(I even went to Facebook to ask all my friends). The best two things I discovered from that inquiry were Bag Balm and Soothing Bath Treatment by Aveeno. 

With the bag balm, the secret is to apy generously and then rub it into the irritated skin, after you get over the fact that this stuff was originally made for use on cows udders! At first, the baby will be mad that you are touching them in such a sensitive area but it seems to clear it up within two days.

 The secret to the bath treatment is to use daily during bath when your child has a diaper rash.  Do not freak out at the gray color the water turns, that is just the magic happening. Let the kid soak in the water for at least 15 minutes. With little Ellis it is easy because he is like a fish and I have to pry him out of the tub before he becomes a prune each and every night. 

Another tip to go along with these great products is to make sure that rash gets dry. I always let Ellis be naked and covered by his bath towel while we read books after bath and I always fan his little tushie as I change his diaper. And do try to change that diaper frequently because that will keep the area more dry and less chafed. 

So. There is your friendly thursday tip. Any other tips you'd like me to explore for next week's tip?

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A GAL NEEDS said...

I like to use Mela Gel from, who else, Melaleuca. It works like a charm!