Writing Wednesday

Today was really a day full of writing and it was awesome.  Writing makes me feel alive and full of purpose.  Today we did a "walk and write" during my writing class.  Basically, you take a little walk around a place, in our case American Fork, Utah, and then you sit down somewhere and write for ten full minutes.  The whole idea is that you will be inspired by something you see along the way.  We started our day out at a little hole in the wall place for breakfast, called Tangie's.  It was full of character and many characters.  It was fun to sit there for an hour and eat both food and eat in the atmosphere.  It was also nice to chat with my fellow class members and get to know them better.

I wrote twice during the walk and write and this is my favorite of the two.  It is dedicated to my sister, who will celebrate her last day of work for the school year tomorrow.  She is my hero, and whenever I see keys, I think of her and a dream she once had. (Sorry if the details aren't perfect, Andi.  I may have created a little of the tale to have it fit here!)

It's an interesting thing that a common object can be lost in the big that surrounds us.  Key are pretty simple and we really don't give them a whole lot of thought until a problem with them arises.

"Crap! Where are my keys?" is a common anxious outburst as we are running late.  And vulgarity rings from lips when one has just realized that they have locked their keys in their car or house.

A feeling of trap ensues as you sit on your stoop, very glad that you at least have your phone in order to call on the saving grace of the Bilco Key Guy.

To me he is an anchor, a savior so to speak, just as the dream my sister had about keys was an anchor to her.  See the kids she raised were a source of much anxiety and worry, just like you or I may experience as we look for our lost keys because, like our locked door, her kids were locked and she searched for years to find the key that would open their issues to help them find success in functioning in society.

Just like the wall of keys I just saw at the lock and key store, millions of keys were falling from the sky for Andi.  She panicked as she tried to open the locks surrounding her but soon realized that as long as she kept trying and searching for the right key, she was bound to find the right one.

Maybe, in life, the key doesn't have to fit the lock, maybe there really isn't only a single key or way that will work but we all have to have faith that somewhere there is the saving answer to issues just like there will always be some lock guy who's able to come and save the day.

Seeing those keys was a great reminder of Andi and her superpowers as a mom and as a woman who isn't perfect and doesn't have all the answers but is finding her perfect ground by not giving in. I am so blessed to have her in my life to show me that brave is the only way to be.

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