Ellis is Two...What?

This is how we celebrate birthdays!

The time has flown since having Ellis.  It is like yesterday I was pregnant with him and now poof he is two.  What a great adventure being his Mom truly is.  I am so blessed to have him here with me on my journey.  Here is the letter I wrote to him:

Dear Ellis-

Happy birthday!  I cannot believe how fast the past two years have gone.  It is as if I blinked and you were suddenly two. The past two years have really been the best. You bring so much light,and happiness into our home. You bring life to us, your parents, through your curiosity and energy. Simple things like using a spoon is exciting and new to you. I get to teach you so many things. Even just this past week, I got to show you a snail for the first time, which reminded me how we are surrounded by interesting and amazing creations that I often take for granted. Thanks for reminding me to stop and be in awe of these “little” things.
Fun with Cousin Isaac!

You have grown so much recently.  When we first got to Grandma and Grandpa’s in late June, you fit nicely into the Pack and Play you have been sleeping in while there, but by the time we left at the end of July, your head hit one side and your feet the other.  Daddy says it must be because of all the good cheese you ate in Wisconsin.  I think you have also grown in the past few weeks while being back home here in Utah.  You just keep going!

You are a very fun little boy.  You love people and always say hi to everybody, including perfect strangers.  You also love all animals and making kissing noises to them because we have always tried to teach you that you must be soft.  You are a bit bashful these days with other people, but you warm up quickly and by the time we part ways with anybody.  You will give them hugs or send kissing noises their way!  I love your kind little heart. You help me remember to love everybody and not judge any person by how they may look.  You love to go and play in the nursery in church and don’t ever have problems with the other kids or the leaders.  
Talking to strangers! 

You are still obsessed with slides.  You always call out to them whenever you see them, whether it is at a park or in the back of somebody’s yard.  I always have to promise you that we will stop when I’m done with my walk or run or you go on and on for blocks about the slide.  It is very hard to get you away from the park once it’s time to leave but you usually do okay when we tell you to say goodbye to the slides until tomorrow.

You say goodbye to everything.  “Bye, bye, wa, wa” to the water after the bath.  You even said “Bye, bye, car” as we left the car after church today.  It is so cute.

You are still a video junkie.  You already can run an iPhone or iPad better than most adults I know.  You not only can get to the videos you want but you know also how to get to the next one by bringing up the right video that contains the list for your next in line.  You rarely watch videos from start to finish, but you do have a few favorites that you always visit.  One is Hulyan and his Thomas adventures, and another is about a family with a little boy named Michael. You also love educational videos with “The Wheels on the Bus” and "The Alphabet Song" being your favorites. You also have loved watching a DVD of real trains that your cousin, Rebecca gave you for Christmas. You watch between playing with your wooden train and tracks.
Train Museum in Green Bay

You are starting to count.  You counted to three this week.  You also can do the first part of the alphabet(and LMNOP because Daddy always does it in a loud gruff voice and you follow his example!).  Your vocabulary is growing daily and you love the word UP, lately.  I think that started because of our recent plane travel.  Everyday, you talk about your Aunt Andi(Anni) and how she flew in an airplane(Shoosh) with Grama.  You love them so much.  
Mom and Andi are dedicated to being here for lots of memories. This is at Gardner Village in Salt Lake. Halloween visits are best!

You still love sports, and cheer people on while they play tennis as we pass on our walks.  You also cheer at the UVU sports complexes everytime we pass them to get onto the highway going North toward Salt Lake.  I find it funny how you will often sometimes cheer “GO, GO, GO!” just when you see some tall lights.  This sports loving Mommy is sure you will love going to events with her in the not so far future.  
Baseball game in Phoenix

You still love to dance and get your groove on when you hear music.  I am slowly trying to convince you that Kelly Clarkson is awesome and that you should love her like I do.  You have had a hard time with that.  Maybe it was because it was too loud at her concert when you were still in Mommy’s belly at the Stadium of Fire.
Just before Ellis was born. 

You still love to go and get excited whenever we offer an adventure to you.  Whether it is a walk or run in the stroller, or a ride to the store, you want to go and go NOW.  I am slowly learning that I need to wait to offer it to you until we are completely ready to go or you get really disappointed.  
One of many hiking adventures!

You love to be chased and tickled and recently have started saying tickle and also moving your fingers around to tickle us or pictures in the books we read at night.  You think Reno, our dog, is going to tickle you all the time when you get him riled up.  You also make various toys tickle you.  I always am making you Play-Doh! airplanes(because you are fascinated with airplanes recently) and you always tell me the plane is going to tickle you.  You say: “Tickle”  then “shoosh”(which means plane).
Tickling Daddy!

I can’t envision my life without you.  The past two years have solidified the fact in my heart that you are meant to be mine and that you were always mine.  I am so glad that I get to figure this whole mommy thing out with you as my child and cannot wait to see all the adventures this next year will bring.  
You made me a mommy and part of an eternal family, which is the most important thing and greatest blessing!

Know that I love you to the moon and back and will NO MATTER WHAT!  

I often gaze at your face as you sleep and tell myself that I need to rock just a little bit longer after you fall asleep because you are growing much too fast.  These moments won’t last forever and I need to bask in them so I will not forget how special this time with you is.  

Happy birthday, Ellis! I love you so much,

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