A Year and a Half...Where has the time gone?

We are gonna spice it up this month, just for fun.  I saw this on a blog that I read and thought it was cleaver.  This letter will be from Ellis to me.

Dear Mommy-

I bet you are impressed with how I can now say Mommy.  Good.  So now you should let me watch videos all day.  And do know, that when you start playing one for me that I have liked before, I will , with no doubt, not like it right now.  I will grunt and stomp in disgust because you didn't 'read my mind about my choice of video.  I also may be okay with Chicka or Thomas but seriously, five minutes in, I still have a right to change my mind.

I still like food.  I  know, by my face it doesn't seem like I like lemons, but I will want to try a second taste just to make sure.  I will tell you I want snacks sometimes, don't be alarmed when I don't eat them and only want to throw them all on the floor for Reno.  He likes snacks too and likes me more when I give him mine.  I also am a vegetarian now, so don't even try to give me meat, I will just spit it out and make a weird face.  Thanks for trying though.  If you would, feed me only berries with a few pieces of cereal and Goldfish, please.  Oh yeah, and anything you are eating is good as long as it isn't meat.  And really, can I eat ice cream for every meal?  And seriously, give me some Diet Coke.  I feel depraved. 

I love to be outside and I actually would rather to live out there, so don't even try to bring me back in when we go out there.  Please don't tell me we are going outside or for a walk until you are fully ready.  This waiting stuff is for weirdos.  Again, if you make me wait, I will stomp and wail.  Just sayin'!  And when we go anywhere outside, please just let me walk.  Being carried is for babies. 

I really like to walk and am really liking this climbing thing, even if gravity is bring me down a lot more.  I love the coffee table, and the arms of the couch.  Please just get over me being up there and life will be a whole lot easier for us both.  I also like to be on the bed, so don't even try to get me down or I will again stomp, kick and wail.  Just sayin'!

Balloons are the coolest thing on the planet so don't even think about going grocery shopping without getting me one.  It is crucial to my survival. 

I sometimes like to sleep through the night, but don't get used to it.  I also like a warm bottle sometimes at 3 or 4 in the morning.  And no, I am not going to just go to sleep.  You must cuddle with me in your bed for a while.  Don't even try to lay me down in my crib because going back to sleep in cribs is for babies, or for big boys and I am not quite sure which one I want to be right now, so get off my case. 

I know I need shoes to go out and about so I will let you put them on me.  Do know that I reserve the right to take them off at anytime.  So, plan time to put them back on after any car trip.  And seriously, socks are for wussies.  Oh and I also know that coats are important, but you are gonna need to figure something out to keep me in them because I figured out those zipper things this week, so don't get mad at me when I get in the diaper bag.  It's your fault you left it on the floor. 

I really do love you even though I do all these things, like have tantrums when I don't get my way.  I really miss you when you go to work or take a shower.  I also like to give you loves and have you chase and tickle me.  You are doing a good job, so don't feel like you aren't.  I love you mommy!!!!