Fun Friday

Friday is for fun. So here is a look at the fun week I have had. It is officially summer around here. Not working is just one of the many perks of being a teacher. 

I have loved just being mommy this week. Little Ellis and I have had tons of fun. I will miss this when I start my class next week but I am also sure I will love my class and its adventure. 

Tuesday we went and fed some ducks at the park near my school. We spend a lot of time at parks these days. This kid is addicted to slides.  
Tuesday night we had a pool party BBQ with my brother from another mother and his wife. These are two of Ellis favorite people(and mine too!). We had brats on the grill and it was delicious.  
Wednesday was filled with Guinea  pigs and hanging at mama and papa's. We also squeezed in a little bike ride with daddy as well. 
I even got Ellis to keep that hat on most of the day. I guess you just have to tell him that it is a choo choo hat and he loves it. 

Ellis even took his first selfie:
Yesterday we shopped, went down slides and swam again. Two days with the hat. Maybe it will stick this summer. I am tired and may even take a nap myself now while he is down for one. Summer rocks!!!