Random Ten

Today I have been very scatterbrained when it comes to writing.  I have struggled during our writing time at my writing class to stay focused on one topic.  I was trying to write today's Top Ten List and was in hundreds of different directions, so here is my Random List of My Ten Favorites.

1.  Healthy Snack
I do love to snack, but the favorite lately is Skinny Pop.  Popcorn is amazing at curbing hunger and this stuff is a no guilt way to eat popcorn, and it's also very tasty.  I need to find a way to replicate it because as much as I love it and find it worth the 5 dollars a bag, I need to save the money seeing I can eat about five bags a week.

2.  Book Series
Sorry Harry Potter you didn't make the favorite.  I love the Loon Lake Mystery Series by Victoria Houston.  These books take place in Wisconsin and Houston's description of the land takes me on vacation there every time I open the pages.  Currently I am reading Dead Hot Mama, number five in the series.

3.  Drink
Some would guess Diet Coke, but really it is Coke Zero all the way these days.  Tastes more like Coke without the nasty aftertaste of Diet Coke and the flavor of real Coke.

4.  Holiday
Don't get me wrong I love Christmas and celebrating the birth of Christ, but I really, really love Halloween.  Not the scary, creep Halloween, but the cute little dress up kids and get candy part with pumpkins and corn mazes.

5.  Song
"I Had a Dream" by Kelly Clarkson is constantly playing both in my head and on the speakers in my car.  I am still trying to convince little Ellis that Kelly Clarkson is the queen! Listen to it here and read the lyrics too!

6.  Ellis' Book
Ellis likes Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder right now(both of which I could do without) but I love Say Boo! by Lynda Graham-Barber.  It is just so cute about a little ghost that struggles saying boo!

7.  Hate
I hate the crap about Black Lives Matter!  I want a t-shirt that says: Lives Matter!  I wish people would be informed and realize that not all cops are racist and also that all whites racist.  So sick of the political chaos allowed to go on in our society right now that is even supported by some of our leaders.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe that there are some bad cops out there but overall, I trust that they are good guys with a few bad eggs in the bunch.

8.  Day
I am going to cheat and pick two.  Of course my wedding day was a great day and the birth of my son was a life changer.  Best days ever! But really any day where I can smile and laugh are good days too.

9.  Recent Movie
I loved Interstellar because it was so mind blowing. It really made my brain hurt for about a week after it as I tried to wrap my mind around sense of it.  Great story.  I also saw The Age of Adaline recently and it was also mind blowing and amazing.  See both, you won't regret it.

10. Food
I have fallen out of love with burgers lately.  Maybe I have eaten too many of them.  I really like cheese curds though.  And by cheese curds I am not just talking about those little clumps of cheese, I am talking about those little clumps of cheese breaded and then fried to gooey perfection.  Oh Wisconsin, I am so excited to visit you in three weeks! (If you don't get the chance to got to Wisconsin any time soon, I have found that Buffalo Wild Wings have cheese curds that compete!)

That was fun.  I am glad I am over my block!  Thanks to Sarah and Morgan for helping me with topics.  I owe this post to you!  Cheers!