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Ellis and I were just having a little fun with the camera on my computer.  Blog exclusive photos:

Life has been great around here lately.  As I always say: "Just livin' the dream."  It is rarely a nightmare, so that is a good thing.  Winter is here and I never know what to do with myself during the winter.  Walks don't happen, it's cold, and I'm tired.  Okay, so I am probably always tired because of the little human growing inside of my body, but hey, winter is tiring!

We found out that we are having a baby girl, she's due on May 30th, which is four days after my school's graduation.  Let's hope that baby girl doesn't come that exact night.

I am thinking that I am going to make a goal to do better at posting on here regularly.  I had that last little meeting with my writing class from last summer on Friday night, it was definitely bitter-sweet.  Sweet because I loved getting to see all their faces and being able to write and share with them. Bitter because it was our last get-together through The Central Utah Writing Project.  Going there made me think about how much I love writing and how I need to do lots more of it because it makes me happy. We all should be doing more of the things that makes us happy.  We are often surrounded by things that are distracting and really don't make us truly happy.  I want to be less distracted.  So, each week, expect a post.  But, if I get bad at it, I am not going to beat myself up.  I am just going to re-focus and try again for the next week.  Wednesday is officially, Writing Wednesday.  Posts will come on that day.

So, now you have something to look forward to, don't you?  That always helps out with Winter Blahs too, I have found!

Today,  I thought I would post one of the things I wrote at my little writing get together.  We were to pick One Little Word that we wanted to focus on this year.  Here is what I wrote:

I'm not one that commitment comes easy to, and one little word seems like much too little to have for the whole year.  A word that comes to mind, though, is Relax, which comes to mind from my ever so wise and good looking "friend," Aaron Rodgers(he's the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, for those non-sporty spices among you.).

See, the Packers went 6-0 at the beginning of the season and then took a three game losing nose dive. In press conference after press conference, this captain of the team would say: "Relax."  And it was not just in a lower-case kind of a way, but in an upper case, speaking volumes kind of a way, still with a gentle calm in his deep voice:  RELAX.

I think about this now because I have a very rowdy 8th period Health class, that I am teaching and any word comes to mind that is the exact opposite of relax.  Words like: annoyed, agitated, and tense come to mind, when I think of that crew.

This was demonstrated as the nurse at my midwife appointment took my blood pressure this past week.  She was talking to me while the cuff was expanding and asked the dangerous question: "How was your day?,"  just after I had one of my worst days at work in a long time and just forty-five minutes after I was with the hoodlums of 8th hour.  186/100.  High for me and definitely out of athe healthy range!

She was sure it was a fluke, after checking my chart.  After realizing that the conversation we had just had was a bit much, she told me: "no talking this time."

So, I took a few slow breaths and cleared my mind.  119/70.

I definitely think I need to learn to commit to R-E-L-A-X this year.

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Great post. I like the one word to focus on. I am glad you were able to make your blood pressure go down so fast. You have magical powers :)