So. I once was Catholic. It seems like a long time ago, yet not that long ago. I now have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(Mormon) more of my life than I haven't been. That is quite a milestone. 

I was reminded of that special change in my life as I was able to be at the baptism of a dear friend and co-worker this past weekend. As he was lifted out of the water, I had a flood of memories to the day I also came out of the waters of baptism a new person. 

Now, I was only perfect for probably a few minutes that day, but really I was a different person when I came out of that water than I had been when I entered it. 

Life seemed to be better and easier. Sure, life is never perfect or always easy, but I felt as if life has always been more manageable and bearable since I made sacred covenants with God and have accepted His help and guidance in my journey here on earth. 

I don't speak a lot publicaly about my spiritual philosophies. I think this has a lot to do in this politically correct society that we now live in.  See, often times faith and beliefs are put down because they may seem to some as old fashioned, silly or "offensive." People who happen to be Christian and faithful are seen as not with the times and weird, even though I feel we happen to still be a majority in society, it just isn't politically correct anymore to talk about it. 

Talk of religious acceptance these days seems to only include those who are practicing anything other than Christianity. Please don't mention Jesus Christ or God in our schools or government but feel free to spend lots of time and energy teaching about religious minorities. (I won't get too political here, even though I really would like to.)

Easter has been big to me ever since I figured out the role of my Savior in my life. It isn't about the delicious Peeps or Cadbury eggs, but rather about that empty tomb and the fact that Christ died so that we may live again.  This life isn't it. It just can't be. The sorrows and pains just don't seem justified, if not to teach us something and prepare us for something better and richer after this life. That is why I celebrate Lent. 

I give something up to make me remember the sacrifice that Christ made both in the Garden and on the Cross. Now, giving up Facebook may seem like a big deal but Christ took upon him all our pains, sorrows, disappointments and sufferings so that if we choose to turn to him, we don't have to suffer nearly as bad as we could. He also made it possible for us to be able to live eternally and make it back to our Heavenly Father even though we are imperfect and always fall short. 

This is why I will sacrifice reading my news feed every morning and do other things instead like meditate and ponder the greatness of God!

So, sorry if you will miss my silly posts and quotes but this is bigger than that. Forty days isn't anything when you look at this bigger picture, don't you think?

I'll try to post on here videos and pictures of Ellis. He's really the star of my posts anyway, right?

Maybe you will be inspired to give up something for the next 40 days, even if it is as simple as trying to be nicer or more positive. You might even try to swear less or eat less chocolate. Just remember that you are a blessed person and that life really is good. 

Bless you my friends. And Happy Lent!

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