Viva Las Vegas!

We needed a vacation.  So we set sail to Vegas.  I learned that 2 year olds do not enjoy car rides, just sayin'.  The weekend could have been dubbed "The Lamentations of Ellis," but we still managed to have some fun.
View from our hotel room.  It was warm and sunny while there.
What Ellis and I did during the Gold Prospecter's Show.  Reub had a blast.  I walked a lot of steps.
We took Ellis to the Nevada Southern Railroad Museum in Boulder City, NV.  He liked it for the most part.  He loves trains, just not riding them.
Train Ride Pics.

Ellis finally calmed down after screaming most of the first half of the ride.  Poor kid was tired and hungry.

Ellis selfie from the road trip.

We squeezed lots of stuff in.  We did the gold show, the train, and Fremont street for just being there for the weekend.  It was an adventure and a good get away.  

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