Birthday a bit Late!

I usually hate when people post things in hindsight, but my birthday was awesome and I never told you all about it.
The best part was having the day off to spend with my cute little family. Such a good relaxation.

We first bought a car. Soon the little Nissan just won't fit two car seats comfortably. We went with a Honda Pilot. It has lots of bells and whistles including my favorite the sunroof and Ellis' future favorite, a DVD
We then headed to lunch and I ate a delicious cheeseburger. Then it was off to the aquarium in salt lake. We all had a great time there. And Ellis didn't want to leave. And the coolest part was it being free because of a really nice family offering us to be their guests in their membership that day.
Crossing the rope bridge..
                                                                 I love the smiles on stingrays.
Funny turtle.
 We were there for the penguin feeding.

                                                                            Huge river fish.

A few friends also stopped by for ice cream and cake, later that evening. A perfect end to a perfect day!  Only one more year until I face 40!


A Few Haikus

I wrote many, many haikus during testing this week at school.  Here are a few of the best ones:

Zombie Testing
Standardized testing
Like a room full of zombies
But eating own brains.

The Zombie Walk
Zombies walk to school
Slowly, slowly, slow they go.
Too Late, school's over.

If Zombies Took Test
Zombies taking tests
With much different standards
Brains and flesh eating.

Zombie Baseball
Zombies play baseball
Hitting eyeballs with leg bones
No crack of bat; splat.

Zombie Billiards
Zombies shooting pool
Nine-ball would be nine eyeballs.
Sticks would be Femurs.