Zarah One Month Letter

Dear Zarah-
Hello wonderful daughter of mine.  This is the first letter I will write to you in your life and definitely not the last.  I promise to write a letter every month of your first year.  As I have proven with your brother, after that it is kinda random.

You are such a fun baby.  Before our eyes, you are growing and changing everyday.  This week you seem to be getting thicker.  Not sure that makes sense but it seems like you are getting wider.  You are also changing in your face.  As a friend said yesterday, "she is getting her own look."  She meant that you are looking less exactly like your brother, Ellis and more like your unique self.

I am knocking on wood as I say this but you are a good sleeper.  For the first couple weeks, we partied like rockstars from midnight to six in the morning, but now you are sleeping at least five hour stretches at a time during the night.  Thanks for that.  Your older brother never did that for me. He was only sleeping two hours at a time for a long time.  So, really thanks.

You are getting more and more interactive.  In the last week or so, you have started to smile.  You also will make a coughing noise whenever I do it to you.  You and I both find it very funny.

You love to bounce and cuddled.  You are learning to love your swing.  You still love Coldplay and lately Kelly Ripa's voice as Aunt Andi and I are watching that show in the morning.

Your brother adores you.  He loves to check in on you often throughout the day.  He gives you sweet kisses on the head and toes.  He finds it funny to have you kick his head while you lay on Mommy's bed.  He counts "1-2-3, Kick baby, kick!"  It will be so much fun to see how your relationship with him grows through the years.  I am hoping and guessing you will be the best of friends!

I love your sweet little face and am so excited to be your mommy.  We are going to have tons of adventures together.  May I always remember your little toes, your sweet little smile, and the peace I feel when we rock together.

Until next month, I will be enjoying our sweet moments.
Love you,

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