Zarah is 4 months!!!

Dear Zarah-
Where have the last four months gone? You came at the beginning of summer and it's now fall. Mommy has been back to work for two months already. I thought time flew fast with your brother but it seems to be even faster with you!

You are beautiful. People tell me this all the time but I have always known it. As I write this, you are laying in my arms asleep. Your little face is so cute and your soft snores calming. Sometimes you smile and laugh while asleep like this and I often wonder what you are dreaming about. I know it just isn't about your short time here, something whispers to me in times like this that you came from a heavenly place and we were together long before these moments. I'm so glad we are together again!

You are a wonderful addition to our family. You love all of us. You laugh at your brother and are often interested in whatever he is doing and he truly adores you. He stares at you when he sits next to you and the following picture took about 20 tries to get!
See how he stares:
You love daddy and mommy too and get very offended whenever we walk away from you. You love your swing during the day with daddy but always want me to hold you while sleeping when I'm home. 

You are rarely sad and almost always smile when we talk to you. You are just so sweet and calm. The only things that bug you are wet diapers and cold milk. 

You have started to play with toys and grab things. You also can now be in your Bumbo at dinner. 
You are definitely the best center piece anybody could ask for. You already are excited about real food and drool and drool as you stare at whatever we are eating!

I love you so much baby girl. I must now go stare at your face because what they say is true "babies don't keep!"

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