A little poem.

I wrote this last week for a writing group I had planned to go to. Unfortunately, I got the plague a few hours before and wasn't able to go. I wanted to post this last week but ya know, had the plague. Sorry. But here, enjoy: 

Please, Please, Slowly Grow Up

I won't remember every moment 
Time seems to fly by,
Like a rocket at supersonic speed

Every giggle makes me smile
Every pat on my leg
Leaves a lasting impression on my heart and soul
Reminding me how much I love you

Sometimes filling sippy cups 
And giving baths 
Seem taxing and like too much
But I need to remember the thank yous
And the sound of pure pleasure 
Radiating from you as you splash and splash 
And how you won't always need me

Soon it will be handing over the keys 
And parent-teacher conferences
You not so interested in cuddles, hugs, or kisses. 

So now, I sneak extra minutes each night 
Holding you while we rock
Imprinting your tiny face on my memory. 
For too soon
Memories will be all I have. 

Sleep softly tonight 
And please, please, slowly grow up!