Pics of the week.

I know you are missing us on Facebook. Funny thing is that I am not missing Facebook. Sure, it's fun to post and see what you all are up to, but I feel like I have more time for other things, like texting, and being more with Ellis. And I'm not missing the politics at negativity. 

Here is my week in pictures:
A photo I texted my sister earlier this week. 
Ellis entertaining us while waiting to get taxes done. 
From my Twitter feed.  Astronaut @StationCDRKelly on the international space station posts cool pics. 
Lots of deer by my school. 
He's so big, no?
Lunch with friends Saturday. 
Polar Express for the millionth time. 
Ellis is the master of the selfie. 
Reub is the master of Valentine's
This is what happens when E refuses to nap all afternoon. Sleeping at 6:30. 

Good week. Glad to have tomorrow off. No plans. Maybe a road trip. Maybe a nap. The possibilities are endless.