Zarah is Three Months

Dear Zarah-
Well. I blinked and three months have gone by. As I write this, you are peacefully snoring at the foot of my bed in a Boo outfit from the Monsters Inc. movie. Man, you are adorable. 

You have grown so much. Not sure how much you weigh(you have your two month appointment tomorrow...I guess we are behind in both letters and getting you to your pediatrician appointments.) You are a great eater, even if you still are getting used to having to eat from a bottle now that mommy is back to work. 

You are thankfully one chill baby. You hardly ever cry. In the middle of the night, you only grunt to get me up to feed you. I think the only times you really cry hard are when I've let you wait too long to eat, your bum is dirty or wet and if you miss your parents. 

You are silly too. You have a fun little personality. You are always smiling and already laughing on purpose. You make noises to get attention and are trying but really hard to blow raspberries. You love to be held but are okay in your swing and car seat. 

You think your big brother is hilarious even though sometimes he startles you because he thinks it's hilarious!

I'm so glad I get to be your mommy and to watch you grow. It will be so fun to see you develop. I love you, Sweet Lady!  

Sleep well tonight and thanks for the peaceful calm that comes with those sweet little snores.