Zarah is Five Months!

Dear Zarah-
Happy five month birthday. You are so fun and are growing like a little weed. What was it even like without you in our family and lives? I cannot remember.

You are a sweet baby, still very easy, content and happy. You know exactly what you want and always tell us all about it. You only cry when you're hungry, tired, wet or bored.

You have recently discovered your feet and how to control them. This comes in handy because you hate socks and now easily get them off by rubbing and rubbing the bottoms of your feet together.

You also have recently figured out how to roll over. You can go from back to stomach and back to your back but you usually get stuck on your stomach and cry for help. Soon you will be mobile and I will need to baby proof or we are in trouble.

You love to sleep in your swing(but in order to get asleep need one of your parents in the recliner next to you to keep your bink in your mouth and sometimes rub your face) and are often just waking up when I come home from work. I love how you smile and laugh as I come in and get really sad if I walk away to put my school stuff up.

Even though you sleep well in your swing, I often just want to hold you while you sleep. In fact, as I write this you are snoring in my arms. What a sweet noise that is.

You still love to be with us and always cry if left alone in a room, even if only for a few seconds. You drool and drool when we eat dinner and must sit with us in your bumbo on the table. You are my favorite centerpiece! You will be ready for food very soon!

You are a happy baby and laugh a lot. Especially when your brother is laying in the bath being silly. You both make the other laugh more and more.

You were a pumpkin on Halloween(and Sully from Monsters’ Inc for Trunk or Treat the Saturday before) and loved having “cousin” Rey join you on a blanket(She was also a pumpkin.  Your brothers said:  Two babies, two pumpkins!) as we got your brother ready in his Olaf costume. You were a good sport as we traveled around town visiting with friends. You even took a good nap all bundled up in your car seat(your brother too) as daddy and I ate sandwiches for dinner in the car.

Your hair is my favorite right now because after a bath I can make it into a Mohawk with lotion and it sticks for a whole week. You are already a pretty trendy girl!

You love to make noises. Your newest is to blow raspberries at your daddy. You love to talk to him especially when he's just come back from work for dinner or is just leaving for work. You also talk and skreech. It's fun to see you wanting to interact!

I sure do love you sweet Zarah Sue. I am so lucky to be your Mom!

Love you,