Six Months

December 10th, 2016
Six Months
Dearest Zarah-
Here is a list of just who you are right now:
  1. A food lover: cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, anything really. You sit in your bumbo with straight arms and legs, twirling both your hands and feet, dive bombing the spoon and moaning for more.
  2. A laughing fool. You think your brother is hilarious. Whatever he is doing, you think it's funny and great.   You love to be tickled, when mom comes home from work and when daddy plays heads with you.
  3. An ok sleeper. I think you are better than your brother was as a baby but you still get up once or twice at night. Sometimes you think you need an hour or so to party mid-night(like last night) which isn't mommy’s favorite. Thank heavens for a big bed and Little Einsteins.
  4. A roller. I rock, you roll. Soon you will probably crawl but now you get pretty far just by rolling and rolling.
  5. A giant. Not really but you are super good at growing out of clothes and your swing is starting to seem a bit small. You're almost into 9 month clothes and wear size three diapers.
  6. A girl who knows what she wants. You also tell us by grunting, screaming and by batting or throwing toys you don't want out of the way, so you already a communicator!
  7. A lover. You just love people. At first you may play a little bashful when you greet those you don't know well but you always give cute smiles freely. Your charm is irresistible!
  8. A talker. You have the cutest little voice. You talk both quiet and loud. You talk both high and low. You just talk and talk and talk.
  9. A wiggle worm. You're starting to be pretty squirrelly when held. A definite sign you'll be mobile soon. You can almost sit unassisted and can also almost get up from laying down.
  10. A sweetheart, a darling heart, an overall chill baby! Your calm calms me. Your smile lights up rooms. Your laugh energizes.

We love you sweet Zarah Sue. You are growing fast and I keep just loving every moment. It feels like tomorrow you'll be leaving for college but that you also will be my baby forever. Always remember how much I love and adore you and remember to text or call me today. I miss you!!